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My First Craft Fair 2010

This was a learning curve for me! Showing my Pure Palette soy candles at a craft fair. To be exact, I set up my booth at the Mardi Gras craft fair in Nevada City, California. It was great atmosphere and suited the Mardi Gras very well. Lots of the vendors were selling beads and masks, which seemed to be the most popular craft fair wares. Not to mention this was a high demand item for the Mardi Gras celebration.

For me, I have to say that it was the right decision made, this whole becoming a craft fair vendor. I really enjoyed meeting my customers in person and chatting with them. In doing so I realized that not many people really understand using soybean candles. It was quite shocking to discover so many people are clueless as to what soy candles are. They don’t know anything about how much more they actually like lighted soybean candles than smoky wax candles. How is it that such a great number of people today have no knowledge of the benefits soybean candles offer them? Amazing.

Now that I have my first craft fair adventure as a vendor, I know what I have to do for all my future craft fairs. I definitely will be adding a few things to my booth display. For one, my sign will be very nicely done and printed; a banner showing the benefit of burning soybean candles. I will need more…Lots more soy candles! I must have a lot of merchandise to fill up my booth in thick colorful, fragrant layers…