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On The Road

Finally we are here in Virginia. I and my family had fun exploring the country. A week of driving from Northern California to Northern Virginia, I had to thank old and new technologies.  Although we had GPS to guide us where to go, I, myself, loved reading my old cross country map. It helped me a lot to learn which city we were about to reach and what were around there. Well, and nothing would stop me to browse  the web, thank to Personal Hot Spot from AT&T too. Just have to love all technologies that we are having and using every single day.

Traveling Tools : Things must have.

At the Utah boarder.

Driving through Kansas City~ Land of farming.

Hello the East.

Door to the West.


Thank you! Sacramento, CA

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Leaving Sacramento has never been easy for me. I came to Sacramento in January 2008. Back then Sacramento was completely a foreign land for me, however, I promised myself that I would be opened mind, ready to learn others, not to mention that I also searched my new passion as well. Finally, I found all of them in Sacramento, California. I had met many wonderful families and friends and found my new passion, Pure Palette Soy Candles and Personal Care Products.


Thank you to Sac Etsy Team, I had met many talented crafters and small business owners alike. You all had taught and helped me growing my business.  And most of all, I could not be able to continue my business if it was not my local Sacramento customers. You helped me to discover myself and motivate me to be better.

                              THANK YOU!