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GALA Crest Craft Fair Sunday

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GALA & Crest Craft Fair was held in conjunction with Kensington Book Festival in Kensington, Maryland. It was one perfect spring day with a nice warm sunny and little breeze. Of course, you would see many people taking a walk along with their love one, wife, kids and dogs. I, myself, was enjoy meeting a few new friends whom I might chat with on Facebook. Finally I had a chance to meet them in person. The day had gone by quite well and thank you to everyone who came out and visit us at the fair. A few pictures that I took during my break…

GALA Artisan Jewelry & Gift Shop

Gala Artisan Jewelry & Gift Shop


A beautiful music band, reminding me of my high school year.


My Booth with I shared with FuzzyMug


Aromatherapy Soy Candles which you can find them here…    


Pure Palette Room Diffusers 



FuzzyMug by Brooke Behnken Design



Lincoln Street Design by Kit Aikin & CL Poore Jewelry by Carol-Lynn Swol {It was Carol-Lynn’s 1’st fair.} Her display was simple and clear creative presentation. Would you agree?


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